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Jupiter 10/29 Braved the rain

After a delayed start due to so much rain early we netted up some mullet and cleared the inlet. It was a little lumpier than I was expecting. As we rolled out the near ledge just lit up the fish finder, so we stopped to drift a couple of mullet; one up, one down. The down bait quickly got clipped off. A quick re-rig and re-set and the float line was soon bent over. As I fought that fish to the boat the dive charter with the turtle on an orange circle background cruised up on us with in putter range and started dropping divers. As we released the bonita, I decided there was way to much ocean on a rainy day to deal with that "Captain". He wouldn't even respond on the VFH when I wanted to check for the best path away from his divers so they could enjoy "his" spot.

We got out to 90 and dropped some skirted ballys, a softhead, and a feather. We picked away at some tiny blackfin near some scattered weed in 300'. Strong current pushed us north quickly, but we eventually found some better weed, caught a dolphin, lost another, and got another blackfin. We found a nice propane tank floating with a bunch of weed. More mullet deployed, but I think it had already been worked over hard. Nothing doing, but it did entice us to stay too long. We had a rough and heavy rain ride back in.

I'm in dry dock for a bit until I get some basic maintainance done. Livewell pump, etc. Good thing mullet are tough.


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