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Sunshine Bass Methods/Table Fair?

Went up to the St Johns at Highway 46 yesterday for shad and Sunshine bass for my 1st time. The shad were not doing much, but I did get 4 nice sunshine hybrids. Caught them trolling small diving plugs.
How are sunshines for eating? I filleted 2 that I kept. The meat looks very nice. I caught 3 in the middle of Lake Harney along with 1 spec. Not another boat out in the open water of the lake at all. I thought someone else would have been spec fishing or sunshing fishing. Do many people target the hybrid bass? They were fun.


  • gatorhookgatorhook Posts: 657 Officer
    It all depends on the quality of water they came from. The giants are full of mercury and everything else that doesn't pass through them. Smaller species are going to be tastier and safer to consume. I quit eating fresh water fish here 20 years ago. Saltwater fish taste better, I know they also have contaminants but is a much larger pond out there and dilution is the solution.
  • angelofishesangelofishes Posts: 9 Greenhorn
    They are real good table fare, fired smoked or cooked on the grill
  • angelofishesangelofishes Posts: 9 Greenhorn
    They are real good table fare, fired smoked or cooked on the grill. Fried I meant
  • RealSeabeeRealSeabee Posts: 583 Officer
    I eat a lot of Sunshine Bass. Like others have said, great any way you cook'em. IMO there is one thing that must be done correctly and that is cleaning them. Take the filet off the fish (how ever you do it) and then when you take the meat off of the skin, LEAVE some meat on the skin...don't cut it close. When you take the filet OFF, split it Length wise to remove the remaining blood line. The blood has a pungent taste if not removed but some folks actually like it..blahk.
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  • FlecFlec Posts: 705 Officer
    OK, I ate my first sunshines yesterday. They were fresh after spending one day in the fridge. I grilled them like dolphin after letting them set in Italian dressing for bit. I thought they were very good. The fish were 18 inchers, close to 3 lbs I guess. Really nice looking fillets.
    I understand they don't reproduce naturally being a hybrid, although one of the fish did have row.I thought about releasing them into my canal but read were they might wipe out the bait fish population so I did not.
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