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Lake Sampson 2/22

I raced a 12 hour mountain bike race on Saturday and just didn't have the energy or motivation to drive and fish the salt, so we decided we'd try to drift up some specks on the lake as a change of pace. We didn't hit the water until almost two. Almost right away we hooked up with two small specks that I threw back. Little did we know that we wouldn't see any more specks the rest of the day. We trolled open water 8-12 feet deep using jigs. We even found some fish on the finder but just couldn't make them bite. Then we tried fishing the shorelines for bass. That didn't really pay off either. I caught a >2 pound bass on a redfish magic spinner bait in 2.5 to 3 feet of water that was filled with grass and difficult to fish. In fact there was a ton of grass on the lake that made it not real easy to fish. It was very calm and a beautiful day on the boat, even though the fishing was less than spectacular. It was also nice to not have to clean any gear when I got home and the drive was a lot shorter than the drive to the salt! I may do it again soon. Hope you guys fared better on the salt, the last week of warm weather made me wonder if those fish wouldn't be fired up before the full moon!



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