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2/21/16 CR redfish

We had a good day fishing for redfish even though we didn't catch one. Brandi was on fire with the sheepshead though. She caught the two largest Including a huge 24" fish that felt like it went about 8-10lbs (I honestly think it was a solid 10lb fish) and another that was around 5lbs. She insisted we release the big one as she usually does when she catches an exceptional fish. The pic doesn't do it justice, the thing barely fit in my net.
We managed to catch one 16" trout and several other sheep. As well as missing a few and releasing 2 short ones. 797887cd08490c895f9227d33c08c0f6.jpgd7115486f91e862e897c444090115154.jpg5d919c4c0c248676247d645953a8f21d.jpg


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