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mickeyd44mickeyd44 Posts: 55 Greenhorn
Could someone please direct me to a source where I "might" get a better understanding of this Lake O discharge issue which is making quite a bit of news on the West Palm Beach TV?
I have been to the locks on the East side where the St. Lucie River flows towards the Ocean and I understand there is a similar river system over on the West Coast.
What I do not understand is the issue of sending the water South into the Everglades instead of where it is presently being diverted. I read or saw recently that the Corps of Engineers had diverted the overflow(some?) South into the Everglades where I guess it naturally went decades ago. Is there not enough of capacity to send all the Lake O water South? What is currently preventing the water from being sent exclusively down into the Everglades?
Thanks for any light someone might be willing or able to shine on this complicated subject. I am new to the Treasure Coast and am trying to learn as much as possible about the ecosystems in this state.


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