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A couple of firsts

So, This morning I have a guest on my skiff. Dan is the area biologist for TM Goodwin WMA which is a local waterfowl hunting area. while I see him all thru duck season and I have invited him many times to go out and fish over his 5 year tenure here...it finally happened today. With no specific plan we started at Wabasso and he quickly caught a small snook. We tried a couple other spots but the water conditions were very poor. We finally found some better water and we were slowly picking away at some very nice sized Trout and some small snook. We had just gotten to another spot and not long after we wound up with a double hook up! As soon as I saw my fish I knew I was in some trouble....it was a good snook and we were in tight quarters.....and a trout rod with 8 lb mono...well.... not the weapon of choice given the situation. I also noticed Dan really had his hands full....but my fish was demanding a lot of concentration so....
A couple jumps and some thrashing and I ask Dan " How you doing? " and while we had been chatting about fish and fishing all morning...he mentioned he had never caught a Tarpon...so when he said " I think...it's a Tarpon" I kinda looked more closely...and it looked like he was right. I had brought all the pain I thought I could to my fish and slipped it in the net....tossed the fish on the floor...in time to net Dans first tarpon. I don't know if he realized just what a hat trick a Tarpon this far north in February was....I measured my snook and at 31 1/2 inches it made a "first" for me too...a first keeper of the year.



Spilled my coffee... :grin

We did catch a few more snook and I missed a shot at a Tarpon....he rolled on the jig but missed... :banghead But...It was a good day.
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