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Mosquito Lagoon 2/22

Seized the chance to take advantage of the great conditions this morning and headed out with a buddy. Boat in the water at Haulover at 6:30, poling at the first spot by 6:45. By 6:55 we found a big group of tailing fish. Made the most of them until they settled down by about 8 and we had to work for them. Conditions were still great for sight fishing until about 11:30 when the wind picked up and cloud cover moved in. We caught 7 reds in the 23-33" range. Saw a few 40"+ fish but they spooked pretty easily... All the fish we caught were either on a DOA shrimp or Zman 3" shrimp.



On a depressing note, saw a 50"+ fish floundering around upside down. We tried to revive it but he was past that point. The fish was covered in sores and was pretty much dead.


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