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CCA Info on Red Snapper Allocation

In case anyone is interested, Here is part of an email sent out by CCA regarding red snapper allocation: if you didn't receive the email, you could possibly find the complete info on their website:

"Rather than conduct a proper reallocation process that examined economic and demographic changes since the fishery was last allocated in 1991, the Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council defaulted into shifting a mere 2.5 percent of the allocation to the recreational sector as a result of simply fixing errors in the federal government's own recreational data collection systems.

Amendment 28 - Red Snapper Reallocation is not "reallocation" at all. It represents a simple recalibration of data, and falls far short of a proper reallocation process. Nevertheless, the commercial red snapper sector has already filed a lawsuit to prevent even this minimal shift from being implemented."


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