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Mosquito Lagoon- 02/20/2016 report

Almost a full moon so we started late to see if the afternoon would hold the bite.

Picked up a couple dozen decent sized shrimp from bait store.

Water STILL appears to be high when we hit the ramp. Decided to run to the far far northeastern end of TS. Came across the boundary line over the shoal and immediately within 30 yds big ole red tail flapping at us and the water quality was decent. Made a couple cast, but couldn't reach it and it got spooked. Wind was coming out of the NE so we set up a drift working towards an island I wanted to work the shoreline on. As we got closer I positioned the boat to drift about 30 yds off the shoreline when 2 kayak'rs behind us decided they needed to paddle full blast between us and the island- thanks guys.

Continued to work south on TS crossing the boat channel working our way to the wreck. Water quality sucked and I'm amazed the amount of grass that has died in certain sections of TS. We worked it hard. Found a school of blacks, but these guys must have had radar because we couldn't get any closer than 100 yds poling when they would move- aarggh. TS was dead flat and nothing was moving I mean nothing:(

Around 1pm when the wind started to come out of the south we decided to just drift over grassy areas where the water quality was a little better. You could see the bottom but it was cloudy. I saw a couple nice red, but I bumped him with the shrimp:( So I changed the position of the boat drifting and every 10yds we could see the reds just barely. We proceeded to start flip fishing for them. I was 0 for 16 and dad was 0 for 8. One shot is all you would get when you would finally see them within 10 yds of boat. Very difficult.

The reds were just sitting on the bottom in singles and they all looked to be between 20" to 30".

Sidebar- I'm hoping that the water improves in coming weeks on the lagoon as this type of fishing could become the norm.

We left the water at 2:30pm and home and boat cleaned off at 4pm. With a couple hours left I decided to trim my 20 Sylvester Palms- burn shoulders.


  • C DogC Dog Posts: 75 Greenhorn
    I wish someone would post a report that is different from what I've experienced. But unfortunately everyone seems to be saying the same thing...

    Went out Saturday for a few hours and managed one red. Went out yesterday from 9-3. Wind finally layed down on a day that I could fish. About a month ago I was out on TS and there were patches of water that were clearing up, so I figured the water would've gotten better. But it's actually gotten worse. Sight fishing next to impossible. Saw some singles here and there, but by the time I saw them they spooked.

    I poled the entire flat. NO activity at all. I'd move around, soak some cut mullet for 10-15 minutes, and blind cast an arti. Nothing. Not even a catfish.

    At the end of the day I hooked up with a giant stingray, saw a bunch of those.

    Was getting ready to call it a day when something tugged hard on my Slayer paddle tail and it was a nice 22 inch red. Was stoked to catch one on arti. Lately have only had luck with cut mullet.

    I've only been fishing the goon for a couple of years, but it's the worse I've seen. This time last year the water was gin clear. What sucks is that compared to just a month ago the water seems to getting WORSE. I also noticed the water was not cold at all, don't know it that's affecting the clarity at all.

    I talked to some guys at the ramp and they had some luck on TS at dawn. Said the reds were tailing but the bite shut off mid morning. Usually this time of year the bite is late afternoon, but with the warmer water maybe they are back to the early morning bite. I don't know. Maybe it was just the full moon.
  • ReelFreeforallReelFreeforall Posts: 23 Greenhorn
    I've spent most of my time lately down closer to Sebastian since my boat is moored in Palm Bay. The water quality is awful down there still. The only luck I've had in the last month or so has been with trout up in the backwaters of the creeks and rivers where the water is fairly deep and clearer. Pre-front has been the only time I've found any success though....

    Fingers crossed that March gets better!!
  • SUPER DSUPER D Posts: 723 Officer
    I think the full Moon has lots to do with the inactive fish. I fished the central Lagoon on the 20th, hoping to avoid all the crowded North. There was some areas of cleaner water, not clean but cleaner. The few fish i did see were berried in the grass with only their tails sticking out. I only managed a 19" Red on a black Shrimp fly. Never thought I would be so happy to catch a little Red.
  • Grape ApeGrape Ape Posts: 41 Deckhand
    TS is spotty on the cleaner water.

    I think the couple of inches of rain we received in late Jan/ early Feb along with cold temp's has kept the water from cleaning up. Also the constant north/ northeast wind is slowing the draw down on the water out of the lagoon thru Ponce.
  • blefilsblefils Posts: 34 Greenhorn
    I fished up on the very south end of Tiger across the flat towards 3 Cabbage Island on Saturday (20th). I have fished that area 4 times in the last month. That was the only area I could find that had clean water. The trip on the previous Saturday the water was cleaner in more areas (including around Preacher island) than at any time in the last 6-8 months. Saturday (20th) the water was sort of clear....definitely a step back. The air temps were higher all week along with the amount of sun during the day. The water was easily 10+ degrees warmer. 4 weeks ago = 3 reds. The two middle trips only 1 red each day. Both those two middle trips I saw tons of fish, but they were laid up in holes and not active. The water temps were in the 50's then. Two days ago the water temps were in the mid 60's. Also fish everywhere. When the winds died the tails popped up. We ended up with 7 reds and 1 23" trout. The bite was early to around noon. The fish simply disappeared after that. Haulover was a very busy place. Tons of boats. Typical Saturday. I figured with all the boats we were in for a rough day due to the noise and pressure. The trout was the first cast of the day:). If winter is over, we are in for a very tough year in the Lagoon. The algae bloom is still in charge. The IRL is a chocolate milk mess from north to south. It is a big state. I need to start fishing other areas (Tampa, Crystal River, and other west coast areas where the water is clean). We have the algae bloom affecting a large portion of our wonderful Florida fisheries. Big Sugar is destroying both the Everglades and about 1/5 of our coastal estuaries. When is it going to end?......
  • AceDawgAceDawg Posts: 111 Officer
    Don't worry bud there weren't any fish on that shoreline anyway...lol
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