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A Better Day in the 1000 Islands

Had some very good days back before Christmas in the 1000 Islands on redfish but the fishing went south with the algae bloom right around New Year's. I've been fishing up in the NIRL and the Port since with moderate luck. The NIRL looked pretty cloudy the days I went and had a hard time finding any clear water or fish. The Port is the Port:fishing Bluefish and jacks but I didn't target pomps on the beach.

Decided to go back to the 1000 Islands this past weekend and the water looks a bit better and the fishing matched. Good, not great. I'm not going to use this thread to complain about the algae blooms, etc., but I've lived in Orlando and Brevard County for 40 years and a good day here is a horrible day in plenty of other places in Florida I can think of and it's because we you know what where we sleep. Anyway, had some live shrimp and spotted a large swirl under a mangrove and tossed the fattest shrimp in the livewell about 2 yards past it. Took all of 10 seconds before "fish on!"

About 15 minutes later, another knock down but this time I saw a lot of white and got excited. She came back up and "NICE trout!!". I love catching trout and fat ones are just a plus for me. This absolutely made the day and she's the biggest trout I've landed since the summer.

I know it sounds like a broken record but look for clean water. Tight lines.


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