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Yankeetown on the fly 2/15/16

VertigoVertigo Yankeetown, FLPosts: 617 Officer
Awhile back, when I figured that everyone was getting sick of my fish pictures, I gave up posting them. This is a special case. I managed to snag this max limit redfish on a fly rod. Fly fishing is like unicycle riding...they're both the stupidest and most difficult way of accomplishing a task. Anyway, after making catching this fish as hard and stupid as I could, I caught him anyway. For some reason that is satisfying. Analysis welcome.

I got him this morning on an outgoing tide about a quarter mile up a creek north of Yankeetown. Since redfish seem to like gold Johnson spoons, all my redfish flies are as gold as I can make them.12716294_1202898226387760_772417144707101109_o.jpg


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