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Hey everybody! I just joined the forums as I am new to the Space Coast and looking to take advantage of all the fishing opportunities!

I am originally from the Midwest so I have done no saltwater fishing and I would like to get into it. I don't own a boat so I will be sticking to bank and pier fishing around the Banana and Indian rivers. I currently have a 6'6" medium action ugly stick with Shake spinning real. My question is what types of bait (live & fake) should I be using and what is the best set up for the pole and line to fish the Banana and Indian rivers?

Thanks for any help!


  • catchme1catchme1 Posts: 235 Deckhand
    Welcome to central Florida. The rivers and lagoons have been real dirty all winter so fishing has been tough. The rod you have will work just fine for inshore fishing. I mostly offshore fish and always looking for a body to share costs.. My new boat uses little fuel (10 gal) usually bait and ice is as much as fuel. If your interest in some offshore fishing - share cost send me a pm.

    I belong to a fishing club FSFA meeting are the last Tuesday of the month and are free to everyone. The club dues are $50 bucks a year but are optional. The meeting are held at Veterans center merrit island next to the mall. it starts with a social at 6:30 with sandwiches and drinks for a donation. Every meeting there will be a speaker and are worth hearing you will gain a wealth of knowledge. The speaker Tuesday is a bass pro and since I don't fresh water fish one of the few I'm not interested in.
  • AlleniAlleni Posts: 344 Deckhand
    The fishing set up you have is fine. For the river I prefer a 7ft light/medium action with a 2500-4000 size real spool with 10-15lb braid. A must have in your tackle box is paddle tails, spoon, topwater plug, and probably a mirrodine. As far as live bait shrimp is eaten by every fish in the lagoon. Finger mullet is money along with chunks of big mullet. Fiddlers and sand fleas are prime for sheepshead. I would suggest you buy a cheap 4-6 ft cast net and learning how to use it. Good luck
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