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Bimini Report June 16-19

GatorhoopsGatorhoops Posts: 34 Greenhorn
Was supposed to go last week for the Extravaganza, but wimped out b/c of the weather. We were amped up to go, so made the trip this past Thurs. No big fish . . . in fact, I saw very few big fish at the docks. But all-in-all, we did pretty well and had a great time.
Offshore we caught loads of dolphin, keeping only a few fish. Most were 4-8lbs . . . and in MASSIVE schools. We left them behind looking for bigger fish. We did hook a nice bull and cow, but only landed the latter. It was around 15lbs or so.
We bottom fished for a portion of each day, and hit the muttons one of the nights. We got a few nice muttons, countless good sized tails and loads of cero that crashed our chum line. We neeted a bunch of ballyhoo that came behind the boat, and used those to hook into some big grouper that kicked our butts a couple times . . . and of course, some unwanted sharks. The prize catch of our bottom fishing exploits was a 12lb cero. I have never seen one bigger than 5 or 6lbs before.
We also added a few conch to the bounty.
Great time, and pretty decent fishing. . .









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