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Safeplast Spiral Wrap

I have all this left over wrap after using it on my boat . It is a lot better to pay for only what you need than to be in my situation having spent a lot of $ and only use a few feet. I have 17' of the 1.1" outer diameter (OD)/1" inner diameter (ID) wrap and 16' of the .67" OD/.5" ID wrap left if anyone is interested. I also have 10' of the 2"OD/1.7"ID wrap at $2/foot for those with larger cables bunched together......greater than 1.5" diameter. To take a proper measurement, grab the cables in one hand and measure the diameter. You want to get the ID size wrap that is the same size or slightly less than the diameter of the cables bunched together. That way it will make for a good fit. Also, get a little more than you need lengthwise so you are sure you have enough. These give the boat a clean professional look.

It has the following product features:

Temperature Range -60 to +175 Degrees F
Made with Anti-Static and UV Protection Additives
Tolerates Acids, Oils, and Solvents

Check out the results on my boat. PM me if interested.
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