Near shore reefs to fish near Naples Florida

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Hello there, very much new here, and l'm looking to try my luck out from Naples in the next few weeks. I know that there are a number of near shore reefs in the bay, just out from Naples. Can anyone here, whom may have fished them, help me out, by recommending a few likely productive ones to start with? Ideally, I'd like to get into snapper, grouper, and mackerel, but would be happy with any decent action, as I'll have some of the kiddos on board. Thank you very much in advance, for any locations, tips and pointers, that you'd be kind enough to share! Take care.


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    Just google "GPS coordinates Naples" and you'll find all the public numbers.
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    What farside88 said - or, you can find your own. Google maps (sat) 26.180578 81.855232 looks promising for a grouper rock - has the tale-tell ring around it as described here: [video]

    You can use Google numbers (Bing etc.) directly as long as the GPS is set (or reset) to take decimal format - on mine it is off the "Configure" page. If the format is wrong you will likely end up in Botswana.
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    how "near shore" are we talking? and what pass would you be going out of?
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    Ideally, within 5 miles of the coast. I'm also open to suggestions as to where to head out from, as well as any reasonable boat rentals that any of you may know of. Again, thank you for any and all input, VERY much appreciated!!!
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    Here's the link. Use any of the satellite maps to find how far these wrecks are from shore. At any of these places, find them with sonar and you'll be able to drop down squid or shrimp and catch fish. Mostly grunts, but it makes for a fun day.
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    Stupid question but, by "grunts", do you mean just generally smaller fish, or something else?:shrug
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    Yes , Grunts are good to eat , fun on light tackle and easy to catch for the most part.
    Will a Boat Rental let you take it out in the Gulf ? Lot's of them don,t..
    Killin and Grillin :grin
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    Grunts are a type of fish. The small ones make great cut bait, the larger ones taste good on the table. If you drop down squid, theres a 90% chance they are the first fish you catch.
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    It depends upon whom you rent with, some don't, some let you go out 5 miles, others much further, and some have Capn's that you can rent, along with the boat. :fishing
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    i dont know of any rentals around here that let you go out into the gulf. you will most likely need to hop on a party boat or charter.
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    Several sites that I've been looking at, have indicated the following:

    (Can we go into the Gulf of Mexico?

    Yes. The Everglades center console boat can venture out near shore and offshore up to 5 miles. The deck boats are not allowed in the Gulf of Mexico but can ply the waters of the inter-coastal exploring sugar sand beaches, dolphins and beautiful real estate.)
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    5 Miles in the Gulf isn't much.
    Your best bet with Kids is a Deck Boat , 3 pounds of 1/2 to 3/4 oz. sinkers , a bunch of shrimp and some 1 to 2 /0 circle hooks.
    Inside on Points with current..
    Killin and Grillin :grin
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    Thanks for the advice, do you know of any particular areas to focus on, that are likely to be productive this time of year? From what I see online, Speckled Trout are supposed to be a good target species this time of year (I've gotta' get to the area in June, for many of the other species that I'd like to get after), do you know of any likely areas that they congregate in February? I'm new to the area, am a quick learner, but you know how it can be with kids, wanting them to get on a bite, asap. :) Take care.
  • Turner River TerrorTurner River Terror Posts: 6,335 Admiral
    I fish bout 20 miles South of Outside points with current bout anywhere.
    Popping corks over Grass flats works well too. Bring something to grab Catfish with cause there's plenty of them.
    when you catch a trash fish cut a big chunk off and put it out on the biggest rod you have..lot,s of Sharks always around
    Killin and Grillin :grin
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    Buy a good map with locations, Florida Sportsman sells one then do exactly what Terror said. Shrimp on some points with moving water kids will have a blast with a mixed bag. Plan B for a touch more than the rental you can hook up with captain that will take a family, you all catch fish and captain does most of the work not dad.

    Good luck.

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