Sports Fanatic? Honest to goodness sports gurus?!? Position Available...

I work for a recruiting company... and we are working on a position based in the Northeast.... The positions #1 requirement is that this person be a SPORTS FREAK/JUNKY/FANATIC. #2 requirement is that they must have some sort of mathematical background / statistics... Backround as in someone with 2 to 5 years of corporate experience working with numbers/analysis/statistics.

If I ask you... What your favorite sport is... and what you know most about and you said "football"... I would want to ask you questions about hockey and baseball... Point being.... All sports.. "Who through out the first pitch in the 1981 world series"? - great - now - "who was the first NFL player to ______" - great - now "which NHL team has the most titles"... see my point?

If you know of someone who fits this "mold" please let me know!!! Thanks

The position is "shift" like and requires weekends and holidays... So if you know that guy/girl that works in Business Analysis for Home Depot that can name every player on the Miami Dolphins - their number - and how many years pro... and than can turn around and tell me the record for the Marlins this year and last year.... :-)


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