daiwa rotor nut collar

I took apart my Daiwa Exceler 2500 to give it a good cleaning and i noticed that the rotor nut collar (13) didn't seem to be seated correctly. This is a little plastic piece whose ID rides on the main shaft (11) and the OD i believe fits inside the bore of the pinion gear shaft (40). I tried to put it back into the pinion gear shaft but couldn't get it to budge and ended up destroying the part....

Called Daiwa and they sent me a new one for free, just got it the other day and now i have the same problem... I can't get the thing to sit in the pinion gear shaft. Took a step back and I measured the two pieces... The bore of the pinion gear shaft measure .172 and the outside of the collar measures .192", no way that is going together.

What am i missing?

schematic: http://daiwa.com/Documents/PartsDiagram/EXC2500.pdf



  • vettett15vettett15 Posts: 44 Greenhorn
    Figured it out... The collar goes 180° from how i describe, the nut for the pinion shaft apparently aligns it up.... Wish these schematics were a little higher resolution.
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