Can a clean boat still catch fish?

Hey All,

I had a young guy knock on my front door the weekend before last. He told me he noticed my boat looked like crap and asked if I would be interested in hiring him to detail it. I did and he spent a few days last week making my 15 year old boat look like new again.

Since I was very happy with the price and the work he did I figured I'd give him a plug here. His name is Zachary Reynard (727-466-7599). He lives in Madeira Beach and does regular detailing work on many of the boats in the area. He has a little skiff he brings around to help him get to the hard to reach areas.

Now, if the wind and seas will calm down, I'm anxious to get out, get a little blood on the deck, and get rid of that 'new boat smell'.

Tight Lines!


  • SeaBoss180ccSeaBoss180cc Posts: 89 Greenhorn
    I ALWAYS clean my boat from top to bottom after I use it and I usually catch fish so yes, a clean boat can catch fish. Course mine is just a little 18 footer which is quick to clean so :shrug
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