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12/31 SI offshore and a redfish

First from Wednesday after island hopping with family got my first slot red
I don't normally fish for them but blackened redfish is great

Got a late start after last minute decision to run offshore
Seas 3-4 plus some 5' not bad ride at 22kts
Got to the 90' ledge and started drifting to goal was to put a grouper in the box
First couple drifts get more ARS than grunts
Lots of 12" sea bass and 10-12" beeliners
Finally get enough grunts to put down a bottom bait and one on top.
next couple of passes pick up lane snapper, porgie and trigger
Several knock downs on bottom rod but nothing stays hooked up
until this - First thought a grouper but it came to the surface and I was thinks oh sh!$ a shark
but to my surprise
My first keeper cobia 39" to the fork


Was not sure of the size so I had a little trouble getting it into the boat not wanting to gaff it

Couple more drifts and several knock downs on the bottom rod and ARS on the chicken rig
never got a hit on the top water bait live-lining of the back

On my final drift I get a major hit - rod doubled over and the fight begins
At first it is hard to tell if it is a snag or fish but after some gains I can feel a slight tail beat.
Not like a shark but more like pulling a VW off the bottom
After a long fight I pull up my first Goliath grouper -
Hard to tell from the pic but you could stick a 5 gallon bucket in it's mouth


Happy New Year to ALL
going out again tomorrow - tight lines

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