Placida 12/30/15

Got out about 730 AM for the last of the outgoing tide. Bite started hot with fish on the first 5 or 6 casts, including a nice fat snook just under 30" (**** if I can't crack the 30" barrier). Suddenly a dolphin appeared and wouldn't leave us alone. From then on it was quiet as the tide slacked.

There was bait scattered in the flats all over, but no big schools that we saw. If you're patient and chum, you can fill the well.

Beaches were too rough to fish. Moderate action by bull bay. Nothing really on fire. Nonetheless it was beautiful. As always, the bite was better when the water was moving.

Hope this helps. Tight lines.


  • NoreastSalt3295NoreastSalt3295 Posts: 569 Officer
    Try to move when dolphins show up, they really kill a snook bite quick.
  • kmagnusskmagnuss Posts: 3,035 Captain
    great report. Thanks!
    I came 'this close' to fishing out of Placida today.
    Tarpon... everything else is just bait.
    Captain Keith Magnussen - Crooked Rod Charters
  • CarloCarlo Posts: 344 Deckhand
    Try to move when dolphins show up, they really kill a snook bite quick.

    We did move. Over and over again but it kept finding us. It was really annoying
  • Real VReal V Posts: 465 Officer
    Nice report.
  • NoreastSalt3295NoreastSalt3295 Posts: 569 Officer
    Yes sir it is. They really hurt the snook bite especially they love those little male snook. Last weekend I was luring one in with a jack and trying to smack him in the face to make it go away... gets very annoying when they're on their back staring up at you waiting for you to throw back a fish so they can eat it.
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