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Sebastian inlet 12/30

Shipped the wife off to Boston so I decided to head out to the inlet and have some fun. Got some good pins and pigs down near wabbasso along with a small black drum and shark on my dropper loop rig. Headed to the inlet for the last hour of the incoming tide and got my first red. Two jacks later and we switched to finding some mullet for flounder fishing, got about a dozen, anchored on the south side but didn't get any hits. Saw one guy pull a founder in but that was it. Still a good day.


  • bighardeybighardey Posts: 418 Deckhand
    Congrats on the Red!
  • vettett15vettett15 Posts: 44 Greenhorn
    Thanks, by the way, has anyone noticed that the large concrete green maker is missing from the channel that leads to the inlet? Think it was marker 19.
  • Kim ChiKim Chi Posts: 310 Deckhand
    Yep. Always thought they chose a strange place to put the concrete one, right in the turn.....
  • satbeachbillsatbeachbill Posts: 39 Deckhand
    Yeah, we went through last Monday and it was missing. Either missing or laying on the bottom there somewhere. People turn south there and short cut that turn all the time. If it's laying of the bottom , sooner or later someone will find it with their lower unit. Yikes
  • TeejTeej Posts: 153 Deckhand
    The Sebastian Inlet District that manages the channel had been wanting to remove that piling for many years but couldn't find a contractor with a big enough crane to handle the job. It was a mystery why such a massive piling had been installed in the first place.

    So, at the last meeting the District Director reported that a contractor with a big enough crane had been in the area doing another project and committed to pulling the piling at an affordable rate (the district is run on an ad valorem property tax - the district area of homes charged it covers north Indian River and south Brevard counties).

    The piling is not submerged, it was pulled and hauled away by barge - a new normal sized piling will be installed to make that curve in the channel wider to navigate.

    For more info about the SI District:

    For more info about the piling agenda item:
    http://www.sebastianinletdistrict.com/meetings.jhtml?method=list (Dec 19, 2015 download)

    "In December 2014, the Commission approved up to $15,000 for the removal of the large concrete piling, marker #19, for safety measures and to gain some channel width. However, the only contractor in the area, Wilco Marine, did not believe their crane could handle the massive piling. In July 2015, we discussed the possibility of Beyel Brothers removing the piling when they had a large crane in the area. The quote from Beyel Bros. was a not-to-exceed $20,000. They are scheduled to be in the area in December 2015 and approval is requested to issue a work order for $19,000 . Previous quotes have been in the range of $40K which included mobilization."
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