Shark Fishing Report

So I spent the last week in southwest Florida and when I there pretty much all I do is go shark fishing. We got there, got bait, and hit Sanibel. The first night two nights we had two runs but unfortunately neither fish got hooked. We changed beaches, and on the third night I finally landed this solid blacktip. It ate a whole catfish.

A video of this catch is here:

Having success, we hit the same beach the next night and things got crazy. We dropped baits at 5pm. At 6pm I had a run on my 50w. I tightened the drag to set the circle hook and POP. Upon reeling in the line I determined that the shark had bitten over my 15 inches of 500lb cable and through 500lb mono. I figured it was a Bull. Not five minutes later another rod goes off. After a 5 minute battle the line goes slack. We reeled that in and found a straightened 16/0 circle hook. Crazy. We had another few runs that night but they never got hooked.

The next night we went out to the same spot. We dropped baits at 5pm and at 745pm the Penn Spinfisher 9500 was screaming. During the fight the 50w went off and we thought it was a double hookup, however we soon realized the shark had crossed lines. After 20 minutes this nice Bull hit the sand.

It ate the tail end of this jack that almost smoked me earlier that day..

The following night we hit the same spot and something strange happened. We got skunked, but when we went to reel in 2 of the 3 lines there was nothing there. Leader, and about 100 yards of line gone. I think a school of fish ran into them and broke the line. Very strange.

The final night we went back to Sanibel after hearing some good reports. I dropped lines at 5pm and at 6pm had a solid run. Unfortunately the shark bit off the bait right before the hook. Smart shark. I set the line back out to the same spot and at 9pm it went off again. It was a full catfish so I let it run for a good 25 seconds figuring it was a sandbar. After tightening the drag we had a solid hookup. Fifteen minutes later this nice Sandbar hit the beach.

A video of this one is here:

Love Florida, wish I lived there. Tight lines guys.
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