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Hillary Now Officially Panicking Over Polls in THIS Key State . . .

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Facing a double-digit loss, the Hillary Clinton campaign is now lowering expectations for the New Hampshire Democrat primary.

Polls show Clinton, who was supposed to coast to the Democrat nomination with only token opposition, will lose the early primary state to Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders by double-digits.

“It's time to be realistic about the resources we still need to be ready,” Clinton said in an email to supporters, “because right now, winning this nomination is no sure thing.”

“If we lose in Iowa or New Hampshire, we’re going to need to dig in and work that much harder to make sure we win the nomination,” she warns.

That means Clinton will have to campaign longer, and burn millions of additional dollars, simply to officially call herself the Democrat nominee.

Rudy Tidwell · Ret Pastor, Freelance Writer ... Christian Counselor at Ministry of Lord God Almighty
Here's hoping and praying that Hillary loses out in the states of New Hampshire and Vermont! And also Iowa! I want to see her get walloped by opposition and failure of her supporters!

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Vanorsdale Marlene · Danbury High School
Me too

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William Couch · Apache Junction, Arizona
Vanorsdale Marlene smile emoticon smile emoticon

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William Scott · Works at Piedmont Airlines
TRUMP 2016

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Edward Suffecool · Ohio State University , University of Louisville
I do not have a clue how anyone who has a brain could vote for the lieing Hillary. I guess if you are receiving the free stuff Hillary would be your choice. I believe when the FBI gets done investigating her emails she will be toast.(I HOPE)

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John Lock · Arizona State University
Many many lies and then more lies from Hillary since she was laid off from the Watergate committee for lying and unethical acts at age 27 - now 69 and she just lies more.

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Cayce Scales · Works at ARIA Resort & Casino
I hope Hillary realizes that Americans cared about our American men who died in Bengozi, as she stated, "What difference does that make?" As hellofalot Hillary...you don't deserve to be our next president PERIOD!

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Larry Gaylor · West Virginia State University
What a shame couldn't happen to a better person

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George Thomas Horvat · Manufacturing Consultant at Remco Montreal
Hilly still hust doesn't get it, does she? She has to stop blameing other people for her short commings. She has to stop saing "WE" and start using the word "I" when things go wrong. This debacle she calls a campaign is her fault and only her fault. Her and her reputation alone are the root of the problem. She should just go and change her diaper again and then call it quits. Bernie's got her by the short hairs and he ain't lettin go.

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Carlos Sanchez
No big shock, NH is Commie Bernie's nerxt-door-neighbor. Anyway, most who win NH & IA rarely go the distance. The **** will be the nominee, the important thing is to tr her with 501C campaigns a la Swift Boat Vets.

A southeast Florida laid back beach bum and volunteer bikini assessor who lives on island time. 


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