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Thank a Republican for concealed-carry changes

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My brother in VA sent me a text message this morning to check out this hypocrisy.

You just can't make this stuff up.

State's rights create chaos.
Thank a Republican for concealed-carry changes

MANY VIRGINIANS ARE discussing Attorney General Mark Herring’s decision on concealed weapons permits and Virginia’s reciprocity agreements with other states. As a former state trooper, I am interested in the history of this issue.

In the 2013 General Assembly session, Del. Scott Lingamfelter, a Northern Virginia Republican, introduced HB1833 to reorganize some sections of Virginia’s concealed-carry law (Virginia Code 18.2-308). The bill included Virginia Code 18.2-308.014 (found at http://1.usa.gov/1U5goJL), which deals with state reciprocity agreements. That part of the law added a requirement that the superintendent of the Virginia State Police, in consult with the attorney general, examine other states’ concealed-carry laws to verify that they meet Virginia’s requirements.

A few days after introducing this bill, Lingamfelter — chairman of the House Committee of the Militia, Police and Public Safety and long known as a proponent of gun rights — received the Carter-Knight Freedom Fund Award, the highest award offered by the National Rifle Association’s Civil Rights Defense Fund.

The bill passed the House and Senate during the General Assembly session and was signed into law by Republican Gov. Bob McDonnell.

Many delegates and state senators who voted for this bill have been expressing their opposition to the concealed-carry reciprocity changes. Any claims that the changes are a partisan effort by Herring are simply not correct. The attorney general and the superintendent of the state police did what the 2013 General Assembly ordered them to do.

The issue has become partisan — but not due to any actions by the attorney general.



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