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Soft Plastics for Reds & Trout Mosquito Lagoon

Rick and Linda from Virginia fished with me a few days ago in the north Mosquito Lagoon, Rick is an avid artificial lure fisherman, their home waters the Chesapeake Bay area. On our trip catching about a dozen Reds and Trout, all released, no giants but much fun for them and me, as their first time fishing Florida flats, more clear water appearing on grass flats with cooling water in the Oak Hill area is a welcome change from the autumn dirty water period we have lived with for a few months now, water levels still quite high however, if we ever get real cold fronts with north winds this season the levels may one day lower as would be usual for winter. I had Rick throwing weedless rigged jerk baits, mostly Grand Slam Jr's with paddle tail, on both unweighted and weighted hooks depending on depth for each location fished, he caught a few good Trout on this setup............................

Linda being not as experienced on working the lures, set her up with 3" Gulp shrimp on light jig head which is easier for a novice to work, caught her share of both Trout and Reds.........................

Capt Michael Savedow
Edgewater River Guide
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