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Super Duper Uber Slam 12-22

Went out this evening hoping to find a few fish after not being on the water for a bit….did not disappoint.

Started out throwing an X-Rap and got tangled up with a 3' Bonnnet Head…**** trying to get my lure back but successful. Switched to a DOA paddle tail in Pearl and a few casts later caught a 20" Red. 20 yards down the shoreline get a big thump and then peeling line. Turned out to be a beautiful Black Drum and weighed 11lbs on the Boga - she was thick…cool.

Continued on down the treeline and caught a 18" dink Snook and another smallish Red. 5 yards later get a Cuda….huh? Get 2 more Reds before it gets dark. I decide to stay out for a while and try a good night time Snook spot and all hell breaks out. In the next hour I catch 8 more Snook all between 24" and 32" and right before I call it quits, I get a 27" and 22" Trout mixed in with Snook….very cool.

Tried like crazy to get some Snook pics in the dark with no luck. Get home and remember my POS phone has no freakin' flash…thanks Microsoft.

Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas!


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