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Chub Cay Dec 2015

CompleatCompleat Posts: 2,777 Captain
Made our way from Lucaya to the corner arriving just before noon. Wind was "right" with tons of bait blowing up. Our owner as I have described likes to be a lure purist so six pieces of premium plastic hit the wash. Small dolphin were in abundance but at 6-10 pounds for most, too small to take what we had offered. Yellow bar side was weedy and dirty. Joulters side was clean but very little life . In front of the light was active... We had to pound it out but eventually we pieced together a catch of good wahoo and dolphin. We deciced to go looking for a blue deeper. On one cross pocket run from Joulters to Yellow bar side in the middle our big purple slant got hammered. Nice 400 class she blue started a smooth run cross spread then hit the afterburners downward instead of across the top with jumps. Wasn't long before she pulled the hook and gave us the chore of putting half a spool of premium Sufix 80 back on the reel. That would be it for the day and we ran the rest of the way back to Chub again in the dark.


  • CompleatCompleat Posts: 2,777 Captain
    Day two started at first light. We worked back down the yellow bar side with a whole lot more wind and whole lot more life. This time they were chewing good. All good wahoo and dolphin. No monsters or any billfish but nonstop activity all the way til last light. Dinner aboard the magnificent Burger yacht work of art was as you might guess, fish...
  • CompleatCompleat Posts: 2,777 Captain
    Last morn found a wind shift to the south and a squall line in front of us. I was now used to the giant lines and 100 amp cords of the big boat and finally I started feeling that I was now getting the hang of things. Got to the corner with no love. We managed some of the omni present cuda or saber toothed spotted berry island sea trouts but nothing important. Flyers pushed here and there indicated there were still smaller dolphin around but again too small to eat a big plastic.
    We throttled up and pointed at Nassau... Nothing worth stopping on in between. Tied up in Atlantis as I straightened our tackle and pit my mind absorbed the last few days. One of a kind yacht turned fishing beast under me was a bonus. The real gift is the owner and crew I got the pleasure of spending time with...
  • SlipkidSlipkid Posts: 241 Officer
    Thanks for the reports. Hope to cross over Christmas day. Sounds like there are a few blues around. Hate to get my fancy lures pinched off by wahoo though.
    2003 Viking 45C
  • CompleatCompleat Posts: 2,777 Captain
    We had a load of casualties. Only one went away but a large number were maimed, wounded, skinned, and de-skirted... The owner is plastic all the way. I think he was caught off guard by the carnage especially to skirts and his rubber ballyhoos...
  • CompleatCompleat Posts: 2,777 Captain
    Ride back from Nassau wouldn't be "Compleat" without a pass through the pocket yesterday. I wasn't there for that ride but boss relayed the following. First pass drew no love second pass drew two bites and some great acrobatics from blues. First one ate a super plunger and the second ate a mini 1656. Unfortunately neither stayed stick but at least put on a show.
    Had to be interesting crossing last night as today was still pretty bumpy (I was out fishing on the 42). Any way they made it in safe. Boat unloaded and getting ready for our next run. Plan is to really take on the pocket. My next run will be back to back West End ones...
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