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Chum buddies at work. The magic brew.

Time to test out the new grinder that tileman bought. The question is often asked what technique we use to find and catch fish? Well a lot of our success is one word CHUM. We save trimmings from cleaned fish, dead bait fish, old frozen shrimp, squid and secret fillers to add bulk. LOL It is a messy job.. We must have made 45 to 50Lbs this time. Then we freeze it in various large and small containers as small as one quart size to test a location to if is going to produce and one gallon size when a good active live bottom is found.

Target fish would be Snappers - Lanes, Yellow tails, Mangrove, and this year even Mutton and even those pesky grouper show up.

All from previous trips, Great fun on Med Spin tackle.
Life is good in SW Florida.


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