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    Club Shrimp-N-Fish FRY™ / Shrimping Clinic January 16th 2016 9AM – 5PM

    Attention all members, we are having our Annual
    Club SHRIMP and FISH Fry at the River Breeze pavilion in Oak Hill FL

    DATE: Jamuary 16th
    TIME 9AM – 5PM
    LOCATION: River Breeze pavilion

    FREE if you RSVP and bring a platter of something.
    for those who do not RSVP, at the gate we will be excepting donations to help cover costs!

    come one come all, you will need to "come early" to get some good eats!!!

    This will be an all day event which will include the below

    On January 16th the Shrimp Clinic will be a full featured learning experience
    (Club Sponsored Clinic)
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