All girls Louisiana trip

jessicajaejessicajae Posts: 26 Greenhorn
Epic all girls trip!!! 4 girls 1 boat! Caught a bunch of reds and black drum!


  • Lobstercatcher229Lobstercatcher229 Posts: 4,843 Captain
  • FishyGirlFishyGirl Posts: 715 Officer
    Very nice ladies!
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  • Soda PopinskiSoda Popinski GrovelandPosts: 9,217 Admiral
    Fishing and yoga much yes
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  • Navy1970Navy1970 Posts: 140 Deckhand
    lol One of you look like someone I just seen at a crawfish boil.
  • ncdeadncdead Posts: 545 Officer
    Great pics....looks like y'all had a blast. And if that big drum was caught on that little pink rod I have a new hero...
  • Marko2885Marko2885 Posts: 79 Deckhand
  • Reel4ReelReel4Reel Posts: 425 Deckhand
  • bigh20bigh20 Posts: 251 Officer
    Wow, monster fish!!!
  • Docked WagesDocked Wages Posts: 2,859 Admin
    tight work, especially the Barbie rod touch!
    Mark Wilson
  • bigfishrossbigfishross Posts: 122 Deckhand
    look like a great trip and a lot of fun,but I don't think those are redfish I think they are drums ,but I could be wrong , but nice fish anyway .
  • FinfinderFinfinder Posts: 9,774 Admiral
    Fishing and yoga much yes

    easy there ......and they wonder why women don't post in this section
  • tunamantunaman Posts: 3,735 Captain
    4th pic was a red, the rest black. But still a nice job, looks fun, congrats!!
  • RedbonzRedbonz Posts: 4,529 Captain
    Tight work girls.....
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