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West of Fort Desoto - 11/21

Weather looked decent except for the rain chances this morning so I got up and dragged my wife with me to Fort Desoto to go offshore a little bit and test out the new truck and new boat.

Because of the rain chances we decided to stay pretty close to shore so we ended up in about 30 ft.

Bite was real slow, not much to speak of for quite some time except for bait and getting all of our bait eaten by little fish to small to take a hook.

Fished squid, sardines, and live pin fish throughout the day. Ended up getting broken off by what had to have been a goliath grouper, and cut off at the hook by something that hit at the bottom on frozen sardine and then ran drag like a king fish before cutting the line.

Ended the day with 1 mangrove, 1 "grey snapper, and my personal best grouper at 32 inches on a live pin fish with the rod holder doing its job.

All in all not a bad day considering I probably spent more money on fuel for the truck getting to the ramp then I did on the boat itself.


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