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Yankee Capt 3 Day Mutton Marathon 10/9-12

The boat had just returned from a Pulley Ridge trip but was all cleaned up and ready to go.


I had 8 mutton, most of them were big, estimate 12 - 15 lbs or so. The mutton bite was steady throughout the trip but definitely better at sunrise and sunset. Most of my bites came on fresh goggle eye head or tail sections but a few came on fresh ballyhoo plugs.

Some of the big muttons.


I don’t normally fish for yellow tail but I saw a few nice ones being caught so I started fishing for them with a small jig tipped with squid and caught a stringer full of large ones.

The second evening after sunset a few black fin tuna were being caught so I started jigging for them. I was using a Shimano flat fall jig. It took me a little while to get the hang of it. I missed a couple strikes and lost the hooks on one jig to something big and toothy. I managed to catch 2, one about average size and one much larger. I also caught a small bonito and a small vermillion snapper on the jig, both were tossed back.

As usual there was a wide variety of fish caught. There were 2 nice keeper cobia. I think one of them won the big fish pool. I caught 2 short cobia that were released to grow up. There were several large red snapper caught that had to go back, of course. Even though they were vented properly a couple of them floated off. What a shame! I didn’t catch any but there were also a few nice yellow eyes, king fish of varying sizes and a few keeper groupers. I think there were a few gags and a few blacks. I’m not sure because I didn’t actually see them and some people were calling them gags but someone else said they were blacks. And of course there were sharks some small and some big. They were really only a real nuisance on one or two stops. There were a couple very nice mutton that came up missing most of their body.

Correction Total = 25 totes for 24 people.


Brizo, the 2nd in charge watches to make sure everything is in order. For those of you who don’t know, like I didn’t until I looked it up, ” Brizo is an ancient Greek goddess who was known as the protector of mariners, sailors, and fishermen.”


There was a group of guys from my home stomping grounds, Brevard County. I’m not good with names so I won’t try to list them here. I just hope I didn’t lead them to far astray with the advice I gave them and hope they had a good time.

Approaching the dock returning from a pretty successful 3 day Mutton Marathon, at least by my standards.



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