Bathroom Remodeling

Looking to do 2 bathrooms and get some options/pricing. I tried SouthboundChicken but no response from PM. Anyone else in the business?


  • ThefourseasThefourseas Posts: 320 Deckhand
    Got a hold of him, but he's almost 2 months out. Anyone else?
  • waynowayno Posts: 44 Greenhorn
    I can tell you who not to use and that's Kevin Mears !! Don't know his company name or if he is still in business but he did lousy job on mine. Grout had to be redone and never finished his work.
  • ThefourseasThefourseas Posts: 320 Deckhand
    Well long story short 95% of my bathrooms are completed. I have one last thing and that is a frameless shower door that is quite big and heavy to put in. Previous contractor didn't want to mess with it and was charging me way more than originally intended.

    Anyone experienced with these types of doors? Its the VIGO Frameless V6041. Looking for appx $$$ for install and labor.
  • WhyWorkWhyWork Posts: 264 Officer
    try Gordon Glass in Orange Park.
  • aqua-holicaqua-holic Tampa,FLPosts: 214 Deckhand has good pricing and have it shipped/installed
  • ThefourseasThefourseas Posts: 320 Deckhand
    Went with Gordon Glass. Fair price and installed in less than a week. Great experience.
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