Islamorada Offshore 11/11 Mahi, Marlin, and BFT

Headed out at 7 am from Tavernier Creek. Hit some schoolie mahi in 350' on a decent weed line all legal, but not worth keeping (20-22"). Decided to head south towards the rips to see if we could hit a better line. Scattered weeds on and off until we got to 650' and nothing happening. Headed further south and got on another line at 850'. Followed the line and hit a blue marlin. Didn't get him to the boat but fought him for about 30 minutes until he sounded one too many times and i got greedy trying to put the brakes on. It was that or get spooled, so... Decided to head back towards the Islamorada Hump and got a decent schoolie cow and a bull, all of the mani we caught were solo. Got a nice gaffer cow to the boat and lost her and lure number two for the day just before I could gaff her. Football blackfins directly over the hump on pink feathers on the late bite. Beautiful day and just as forecast at 1-3 feet.

Here's a quick video of our blue friend. I know, it's pretty **** poor. I own enough GoPros to surround the entire boat but didn't have a **** one of them with us today... Of course:banghead. At least we had our cell phones, better than nothing I guess!


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