Marathon to KW on outside at 7 knots... what / where to pull?

I've got some family down there right now. They're in the bay now in a trawler doing some lobstering for a few days. If it's calm, they may make the trip down to KW in Atlantic.

They have a little trolling gear on board. Three very capable outfits for anything short of large marlin. They've got a couple tormentor super smokers, some stretch 30s, one yozuri bonito (the 6" or so in orange and black), and that's about it.

I don't think they are real inclined to deal with rigged baits.

What depth should they pull those artificials at and what should the expect? Wahoo would be ideal, and I'm sure they'd like to avoid cudas.

"Whatcha doin' in my waters?"


  • Gary MGary M Posts: 13,182 AG
    The Stretch 30s rigged on 50-60lb mono leaders should provide some Grouper if trolled in 20-30 feet on the outside edge of the reef. Trolling them in shallower water, across the patches, etc most likely will get snagged eventually.

    A spoon with a trace of wire might get you a Mackeral and if they caught a Cero, they'd have some great sashimi!
  • JoeGiulJoeGiul Posts: 453 Deckhand
    Buy them a couple of rattle jets to pull just outside of the reef or a little deeper. Tuna, dolphin and who knows what else.
    Joe G.
    Lighthouse Point
  • Angler_2600Angler_2600 Posts: 1,104 Officer
    130ft-90ft have been hot
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