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Melbourne Beaches surf 10/29 & 10/30

On Thursday I was checking the various southern beaches for any visible signs of bait schools or sand fleas coming up. I didn't see much of anything till I got to Ponce Deleon Park. I saw some birds here and there - diving on some kind of very small bait fish - and some some sand fleas here and there.. I got a couple small Spanish Mackeral on a chrome casting jig - not hot action. I raked some fleas to freeze - mostly small - when I noticed something nearby moving on the beach !.. It turned out to be a Sea Turtle nest Hatching ! I took a short video - attached below.... Friday morning - again checking from Satellite Beach southward - I stopped at Spessard Holland Park north.. There was a LOT of feeding action going on ! - Various birds diving - predators slashing at whatever tiny bait fish . Began throwing the chrome casting jig lure - got a couple Blues - couple Jacks - couple Spanish Macks and a lady fish within 30 or so minutes. Nothing near bragging size nor photo worthy - but some fun catching anyway . That feeding action was moving south - so moved on down to Ponce Deleon Park again. It didn't take too long for the same action to get down there - but for some reason there were more Jacks down there - I'd get four or more Jacks before a Blue or Mack bite. I didn't see anybody getting any Pompanos on either day - either spots. Fleas were more readily available today over yesterday - but mostly small sized. video of turtles hatching:https://youtu.be/ItiVHvbzZTA


  • FlecFlec Posts: 712 Officer
    cool video. Man there were a lot of them! I am curious what the average number of eggs is for a nest. Been here for many years and beach days, but have never encountered a hatch.
  • Yak YakYak Yak Posts: 63 Greenhorn
    Little buggers heading out. The life cycle of sea turtles amazes me. Thanks for sharing the video.
  • fish_stixfish_stix Posts: 1,393 Officer
    There are usually about 50-75 eggs in each nest. If you find them hatching you might consider hanging in there with them until they make it to the water. If seagulls or other birds find them they'll eat the whole batch in a hurry. When they do get to the water then fish are going to eat lots of them but at least you made sure they got to the water.
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