One snook bite

Beautiful day on the water enjoyed by one snook and a jack. Tide is better now, maybe I'll go back out. :)


  • brettfitzbrettfitz Posts: 438 Deckhand
    Bah, this wind! Now that I'm free during the weeks for the summer, I'm planning on getting out Monday, then maybe Tuesday. If the world doesn't end, I'm thinking Wednesday, and Thursday are a GO as well. Come Friday, I'll be fishing. Saturday and Sunday? eh. not so much.
    Repeat next week, and so on.
    Give some details on your snook - inside? Were you pounding the inlet? What's the scoop Marker?
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  • jah sonjah son Posts: 236 Officer
    Come on down South a bit. We have snook and if the waves suck, you can fish the piers and beaches. I went out with my uncle and Dad and we got 10 in about 2 1/2 hours off the pier.
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