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High Winds Equals Creek Fishing!

The winds have come in and have stayed with us for quite a few days. Having a bay boat I can brave the winds and get to waters with less winds, but instead decided to the creeks. Overall it was a nice afternoon trip with spotty success, but interesting bag to say the least.

Started by netting some finger mullet, which worked out perfect because it gave me a chance to test the new livewell motor. The last one landed 10 years. In my opinion it was worth its money. Got going to the spot where the baby tarpon have been frequenting, and boom!! they were there. Only thing was they weren't there in the numbers that they had been. Ended up going 1-2 on the acrobatic juvenile silver kings.

Moved to a different location and the mullet gets crushed. Im thinking finally found the snook, but not it was a nice little bass hooked on the side of the mouth with circle hook. As the sun went down the area became alive and I missed a could fish that broke off. I have a feeling that they were big jacks, but you always hope it was a nice red or snook.

Nice afternoon of fishing topped off by a good ole cigar from my favorite company My Fathers Flor De Las Antillas.

Also caught this little guy right here. I haven't ever ran across one, but my "professional" opinion a redfish and Pinfish got it on!!!
Professional athlete with a fishing problem!


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