First time fishing the Islamorada humps. Looking for advice

Hey guys,
So my Key Largo trip went a little south last week with the wind and swells. Just managed to put my folks on some snapper and smaller things in areas protected from the seas.

My lady was a little sad because she's been dreaming of reeling in something big. I've been hot to get on some blackfins so I thought what better spot than the humps off islamorada. I've only been out there once on my buddies boat and we just briefly passed over them to go bottom fishing in 800-1000ft. We did hook into a small blackfin when we trolled some ballyhoo over the humps for like 30minutes.

I'm already planning a trip Early-Mid November for Islamorada. And could use some advice on finding the tuna. I see all the humps when I check the spot in my gps, but are there any specific ones that hold the tuna over other humps? Should I be looking for birds and bait hitting the surface or focus on dropping some vertical jigs over the humps?

I'm not very familiar with the area and any advice/tips are appreciated
Turtle Time -
236cc Key Largo - 200HP Mercury


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