Anyone been down recently? There is a good discussion on the serious problems with the bay which I urge you to read http://forums.floridasportsman.com/showthread.php?201103-Florida-Bay-Collapse

I was hoping that all the recent rain would help by decreasing the too high salinity levels but according to member Big Bone in the referenced threat, rapid increases in salinity levels up or down are detrimental. So the question is whether the recent rain we have had is really enough to cause a significant drop in salinity?


  • wellcraftwellcraft Posts: 1,333 Officer
    FB bud of mine posted a few days ago slaying big macks inside shark river
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    Our best tarpon today was a solid 80lb fish on a small jig and light spinning rod. After a 30 minute battle we were finally able to touch the leader just before the fish broke free (really light gear in a river means a lot of work with a big tarpon. Lots of tarpon from the west side of Oyster Bay on out to the coast today..... We'll be after them again tomorrow. I think we saw one other boat all day long (and at the end of the day we were still dry - not what I expected given the weather that was forecast....). I'll post pics on my next weekly report...

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  • GotTarponGotTarpon Posts: 157 Deckhand
    Bob all the boats were stacked up yesterday in the east cape canal I counted 7 at one time all in sight, thats more than I usually see all day. We launched and started working our way west water was horrible pea green soup for miles then stirred up coffee with cream looking crapola the winds were tough out of the S SW and honestly I don't know how the smaller boats were able to run at all. Our bay boat is the biggest boat by far we saw all day and with the bay stacked up and ugly I kept thinking about the smaller boats. We ran fine buy man o man it was blown up like crazy. Did see and work a few nice 50 - 80 pound tarpon. Nothing landed and only one hook up. The poons seemed to be playing around with XL mullet as if it was a game. Never saw that before. Looking forward to getting back out there soon and heading down the buttonwood vs Fl Bay side.

    Hows the new ramp? Does it drop off hard like the old one and have the pile of washed out rocks you can stick your lower unit into?

    When we went up the east cape we looked around by the south end of Lake Ingram. I have not made that run in years. 10 years ago it was a shallow run thought the markers with a flats boat. I did notice there are a lot of new markers but before I run it in a big bay boat and get stick in the mud I figured I would ask around and see if anyone could tell me for sure that the path is marked clearly all the way though and what the water depth through there is on a low or high. Any info anyone has would be great.
  • THE OUTLAWTHE OUTLAW Posts: 77 Deckhand
    It's marked all the way through .

    Keep your sled close to the markers .

    Trim n tab up .

    1.5' to 2' at the shallowest even on a negative tide .
  • lemaymiamilemaymiami Posts: 2,936 Captain
    You're right about "tarpon time"... We've been in them for a few days in the Shark river area (and unlike the water problems on the Florida Bay side of things the water on the west coast is just fine.... I'll have a report completed (with pics) in the next day or two. Yesterday we got three - a 60, an 80, and a fish that looked a bit bigger - call it a 90.... We're taking them on fly and spin gear. That 80lb fish was taken on a 10wt rod.... The best part is that yesterday (Monday) I think we saw maybe one other boat all day long....
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  • lemaymiamilemaymiami Posts: 2,936 Captain
    -got ambitious and knocked out that report today.... Enjoy

    It's finally that time of year - the second tarpon season along the west side of the Everglades is going strong and should stay that way for the next four weeks... We've been finding them and getting bites on lures, bait and flies from fish up to and a bit over 80lbs since last Thursday. Along with the tarpon the first of the fall redfish action around the creek and river mouths in that same area north and south of the Little Shark river is going on now as well...

    Late last week I had Al Mazur and his son Al jr. aboard for two days. That first day Al hooked up solid on almost his first cast as the sun came up. It was a small tarpon in the 20 to 30lb range on the lightest rod on my skiff (a light bonefish rod, with only 10lb line and a 1/8oz leadhead tipped with a Gulp tail). We've been running across Whitewater Bay in darkness to get to the west side of the interior just as the sun comes up so it was a great way to start the day. Hooking tarpon in rivers with strong current on very light gear can be a lot of fun -but we were seriously under-gunned.... After a 30 minute fight we got a leader touch - shortly after the the fish, still full of fight, finally wore through the 30lb leader... Returning to our starting spot his son hooked up on a slightly heavier rod -but the fish was much bigger -in the 80lb range... so it was off to the races again.... Here's a few pics.

    As you can see, once again we're picking a fight with fish that might need a bit heavier gear....

    Al jr. did a great job and we had release #2 (but it did take more than 30 minutes and we were 1/4 mile from where the initial hookup was....). Later that day after catching and releasing speckled trout, snappers, and a variety of other species we worked a live bait down into a hole and came up with a medium sized lemon shark (a bit over 7' long). Here's a pic...

    The next day it was more of the same with the addition of some great redfish action at one creek mouth. We actually had three fish on at the same time to get things started....

    Not long after that the weather turned bad on us so we were forced to run back inside while getting soaked...
    Our last action that day was nearly back at the ramp when a brief stop in **** Bay produced to two snook and another redfish... A great two days....

    Yesterday we were back on the water with visiting angler Andy Neary and his buddy Mike. Our main target would be tarpon on fly and spin.. Andy started things off with a very nice 80lb fish on a 10wt rod using a small Silhouette pattern... I'll let the pics tell the story...

    We went on to get two more fish on spinning gear. Mike got one around 60lbs then hooked a much bigger fish that we estimated at nearly 90lbs... Here's pic of Mike hanging on as the biggest fish of the day just took him to school....
    We did get the leader into the rodtip - but that fish was a long way from quitting when he finally broke off -still heading offshore..... A great way to end some pretty good tarpon action.

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    photo bump

  • TommTomm Posts: 359 Deckhand
    Thanks for the report Captain
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  • PoplinFabricationPoplinFabrication Posts: 283 Deckhand
    Thinking about heading out that way this weekend to get away from the wind. From the sound of it the outside around the marina seems to have a problem with the algae bloom so best bet probably out around the cape or shark river? Any input would be great, other option being staying around Miami and chasing these big pods of bait. It's hard to have a bad day in Flamingo but that 2 hour drive back home can be rough especially when fishing is slow.
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