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Ultralight Snookin

I was lucky enough this past Friday to find a bunch of snook still holding in a spot for the third trip in a row south of Sebastian. They were ambushing finger mullet along a stretch of mangrove shoreline. After getting 2 on a small Zara Spook on my regular spin gear, I knew this was the perfect time to try for one on 2 pound test. Using 30lb mono leader and a Zara Spook, I caught 5 between 18 and 24 inches. The last one I fought for probably 3-4 minutes before he broke my line as he was definitely over 25 inches. Lots of fun Friday and finished with 10 or so snook,2 trout,1 lower slot red,nice size ladyfish, and a few small mangroves on a spoon. Hope this wind lays down soon.


  • SpaceCoast SlayerSpaceCoast Slayer Posts: 3,527 Captain
    awesome.. I have an ultralight rig with 4lb braid but that's probably like rope compared to 2lb mono .. don't worry about the wind, snook love it.. they are lazy ambush predators most of the time.. all that wind does is bring them food and they use that to their advantage..
  • kmagnusskmagnuss Posts: 3,237 Captain
    Lol I have a stradic 1000 rigged up for fun with the 20" snook groups when I run into them... it makes otherwise boring fish a little fun to catch. What really stinks is when an adult tarpon crashes the party and there's absolutely nothing you can do about it. :kick
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  • duckmanJRduckmanJR Posts: 21,171 AG
    Nice work.... The snook have been really charged up lately.
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