Miamimuttonman Report South key largo to Tavernier

We broke the banana myth, we go out to the reef and anchor up in 80 feet, the bait shows up first, I pull out my hoop net and catch enough to fill the live well, minutes later the yellow ball shows up and my customer starts catching, since it was only him and I, he asked me to fish with him, so I put a flat line out, with a live ballyhoo, and a few minutes later, the rod bends and a nice mahi is hooked up and he grabs the rod and I grab the gaff, after a belly gaff shot and fish in the boat, I put the wire stinger hook set up back out and my customer takes a minute to eat, next thing I see, he is eating bananas, I laughing and told him, the story behind the bannanas on board. After i put the bottom rod down and pulled in a 19 inch mutton, while he kept on catching tails and the flat line goes off again, with the second mahi hooked up, we put it in the boat and finished to limit on the yellowtails, with low north current. Here are the pics and videos.IMG_4915_zpsmgqikvcx.jpgIMG_4909_zpsnisjj8b5.jpgIMG_4905_zpsti1q76fk.jpg


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