10/18 - Key Largo trolling report. Big waves, need to put my friends on some fish.

Took my boat out at 6:45am. Ran out to the dropoff where it goes from 20-35feet to 110 and trolled some skirted balyhoo and squids. Tried to run out to deeper water, but was too sketchy.
At about 10am the waves were way too big for my boat. It's a 17.5ft and the waves were around 3-4 feet. According to Noaa marine report its going to be 4-6ft later today. and even bigger over the next couple days. We are only here another 3 days. Would love to put my friends on some fish

We didn't get anything trolling. I wasn't expecting much anyways since normally i'de run out much further and look for weed lines. I was just trolling along the shall reef drop-off this time.
We found some mangroves cruising the channels on the way back to the house. I'm new to key largo, but have lived in the lower keys. Looks like we won't be able to do any more trolling with these conditions =(

And help & tips would be greatly appreciated!
Thanks and good fishing!
Turtle Time -
236cc Key Largo - 200HP Mercury


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