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Talk about a joke, this guys are laughing all the way to the bank. This is chump change to these guys. Fatherhttp://www.news-press.com/story/tech/science/environment/2015/10/12/lobster-poaching-attorney-gets-wrist-slap/73809158/ is teaching his sons well.
Us little guys will abide by the law as we should.
FWC tried to do their job, and it was a waste of time.
Just had to rant SORRY.


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  • sparse greysparse grey Posts: 1,751 Captain
    Good rant. Know it is a bummer, but hope you feel better.
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  • woodytoowoodytoo Posts: 366 Deckhand
    Wow - disappointed is an understatement! It is one thing to give folks a slap for a couple undersized lobsters, but blatantly over-limit, and if I remember right they were hiding them from the fwc officers. This is flat out poaching and should be met with the harshest penalties. Top it off, the dirt bag is a lawyer, no excuse! These guys should be banned from being able to get a Florida rec license at a minimum, it was blatant disregard for the rules and regs.

    I have spent a ton of time working with fisheries managers, the fwc and the councils to try and fight for sane and practical regulations. They key to their success is enforcement and adherence by the public. What just happened here sent the worse of all messages.

    I have written to the bar association, and will write to the fwc and Monroe sherries office. Won't help much, but I agree with the previous poster, folks need to know that we have to do better than this.

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  • latitudeajustmentlatitudeajustment Posts: 2,058 Captain
    This just disgusts me...karma is a ***** and wish the worst to those idiots...cannot stand POACHERS....ashholes all around, I really would like to shoot every one of them..
  • southseassouthseas Posts: 52 Greenhorn
    that's bull****. bad guys. tell you what, I don't think they'll want to come down here and get noticed at a bar. just insane that we keep increasing limits, creating more seasons, and harassing good, legit folks....but a scumbag and his scumbag kids don't get appropriately punished.
  • fishingbuddiesfishingbuddies Posts: 636 Officer
    That's just sick $100 fine total BULL
    “When you have to choose between two evils you still choose evil” Jerry Garcia
  • Hollywood JoeHollywood Joe Posts: 92 Greenhorn
    Gee..."Only" 28 over the limit? Whaty exactly did they need that many for--the freezer? What a bunch of scumbags...
  • Hollywood JoeHollywood Joe Posts: 92 Greenhorn
    I just sent this note to his law partner:

    Just read about the "fishing" actions of your fine partner, Steven Koeppel. Call me crazy, but I would be embarrassed if my company had any association whatsoever with a scumbag of this caliber, let alone his name alongside mine in the name of my company. But that's just me. Surely I don't have the same moral standards of your fine partner. Hope he chokes of his extra 28 lobsters.
  • shamrock1188shamrock1188 Posts: 272 Deckhand
    How many years have they been getting away with it. This is the first time they got caught. I am sure it is not the first time they have been lobstering. The fine is less then 1 hours work for an attorney. All I can say is Karma will get them.
  • SnookMan772SnookMan772 Posts: 661 Officer
    This is so sad... We hardly have an FWC presence as it is and on the rare occasion they actually catch a scumbag they let them off easy like this. Like the guy in the artilce said... For $100 fine i'm sure a lot of people would take that risk. Stupid. We need more enforcement and stricter penalties. Makes me sick..

  • thumperdumperthumperdumper Posts: 374 Deckhand
    Any updates on this guy?
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