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8wt vs 6wt leader construction?

FlatsFrenzyFlatsFrenzy Posts: 893 Officer
I just picked up a 6wt combo to go along with my 8wt and am looking forward to some winter lows on the flats and some backwater mangrove exploration.

I do a tapered (40/30/20 + tippet) leader on my 8wt and it lays out nice even with smaller flies like bend backs and etc.

On my 6wt I've got an Airflo Ridge Clear tropical floating line. (I figure I'll take any advantage I can get over Tampa's spooky winter reds...) The line shoots well and accuracy is great in the 40-60' range so far.

Any advice on leader construction for winter reds? I am considering a 30# butt with a length of 14# looped on.
Gulf Coast of FL
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