September 2015- Islamorada Keys

Catching up on several trips from this summer, this one was the last week in September in Islamorada. Got the invite to leave the boat home and drive down to meet up with Don Perchalski (Local Capt of Lone Palm Charters) and Chuck Harris. We brought the woman folks to hang with each other so we can spend the days on the flats. Lots of good fish were caught but not to many pics. Chuck came up with a new sport, fishing for Iguanas. We did some shallow water grouper digging but mostly used the long rod to catch snappers, cudas, yellowtails and tarpon on fly. Here are some pics and some videos to follow.

Tarpon on Fly on the Flats

Mark P. Wilson
Marine Surveyor, SAMS-SA, ABYC
Wilson Yacht Survey, Inc
Old Bahama Bay (Owner / Board of Directors) 


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