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Fun day around Ponce

Yesterday was a good day. I have been out of town for the last month, so this was my first day back on the water since early August. First one at the ramp and running South before the sun was up. First stop got a few fun sized jacks and then a tasty 20" trout on a topwater. Next up was my go to spot for bait and stocked up on mullet. I headed out to the beaches but there wasn't much to be seen. Tarpon is still on my "to do" list.
I headed back inside the inlet and drifted the last hour or 2 of the outgoing tide. It didn't take long to hook up on this nice red. Of course it hit my smallest setup and almost spooled me. After a bit of juggling I snagged a quick photo and then back in the water.
I continued for a bit and pulled in a 3' bonnethead but the catfish arrived and it was time to leave. I tried briefly around the rocks for mangos but no luck. Anyone else getting any around Ponce?
All in all it was a great day for about $7 worth of gas.


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