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Mullet Run Tarpon Secrets?

Net 30Net 30 Posts: 1,033 Officer
Was out this evening fishing the mullet schools and came across a big school or Tarpon blowing up bait. Dozens and dozens of 10-30lb Tarpon blowing up bait and rolling all around the skiff. I've never had a problem getting a few fish to eat in other situations but when there's thousands of mullet flooding out of these creeks, are there any secrets to get these Poons to eat?

Threw topwater, Mirrodines, Catch 2000s, DOA Baitbusters and free lined mullet but only ended up with a few big Jacks, couple Snook and a few Snappers. Never had a take by a Tarpon even though they were all around the skiff.

Any advice?


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