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indian river

hit the IR yesterday. water clarity where i was stunk to say the least. by padding around i found a few spots where it cleared up a little but with the sun constantly peeking in and out of the clouds yesterday it made sight fishing extremely hard. the water level is extremely high right now, maybe about a 1-1.5' higher than normal. came across lots of juvee tarpon in the morning. it got so crazy i felt like i was fishing in my pool. i was surround by them. hooked up on four, got two of them boat side and then the hook unbuttoned. same thing happen with the trout, just about to pull him in the kayak and the hook gives :banghead on the upside it was a beautiful day yesterday!

anybody looking for a cheap mod to their crate. i took a cheap cutting board and screwed it to the back of the crate. i just realized that if you stagger the rod holders it helps prevent the reel handles from catching on each other. works great so far. and if i ever get a new crate i can easily remove and put it on the new one.
rise and shine, it's fishing time!


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