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Type of Line For Bass Fishing?

What type of line do the pros use mostly when fishing Big O, Kissimmee chain, etc?. Is it mostly braid? I usually am throwing worms, jerk baits, spinnerbaits , and occaisionally diving plugs. Oh,, and I use both baitcasting and spin gear. Thanks


  • capt louiecapt louie citrus countyPosts: 10,484 Moderator
    You didn't mention topwater baits so - fluorocarbon . I do use braid with a 24" section of fluoro leader for topwater.
    Flipping/frogging - heavy braid 50-65lb test. I seem to have drifted away from mono due to stretch.
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  • kmander3kmander3 Posts: 107 Officer
    With what your listing probably the most versatile will be flourocarbon.

    On the rods I don't have braid I use 15lb Berkley 100% Floroucarbon, it's pricey at about 20 bucks a 300 yard spool but it's the best behaving flouro I've ever found.

    However when fishing kissimee chain, okeechobee or really anytime I'm going to be fishing through heavy cover stuff I predominately use 65lb power pro. I think it's the best balance of diameter and strength. I'll fish a texas rigged worm through some of the sparser stuff on the 15lb floroucarbon. However if I'm going to be flipping, swimbaiting, swim jiggin, or frogging you really need the braid if only because of the need to pull fish out of all the weeds and such they are gonna get you tangled up in.
  • Snakehead HunterSnakehead Hunter Posts: 19 Deckhand
    I'm no pro but I use 30# Power Pro braid without a leader. I've tried using fluorocarbon leaders before but I didn't see a difference in using it. I usually fish in heavy cover and so far the 30# seems to be the best balance, at least for me.
  • FlecFlec Posts: 717 Officer
    So I guess in heavier cover,in not so clear water,straight braid with no leader? Which knots do you favor when tying direct to your lures?
  • kmander3kmander3 Posts: 107 Officer
    The applications I use braid in are largely going to be reaction type scenario's. A creature bait coming through a matt or a swim bait going along the top so I don't think the leader is worth it. I've done it both ways and at least in the areas I'm using braid I don't see a difference. Of course the biggest thing I find in bass fishing is so much of it is what your confident in so someone else may be against it.

    As far as knots for pretty much every line to lure/terminal connection I use a knot called the San Diego Jam. It's very versatile and I use it for everything from braid for bass to 6 pound mono for bream to 80lb mono on my heavy grouper pole. Never had a knot failure. I use a modified version of it to snell hooks too which I do when flipping or grouper fishing

    If you decide to use a leader I recommend a knot called the slim beauty. It's more work then some but it's the only thing I trust.
  • capt louiecapt louie citrus countyPosts: 10,484 Moderator
    Flec wrote: »
    So I guess in heavier cover,in not so clear water,straight braid with no leader? Which knots do you favor when tying direct to your lures?

    A palomar or a 6 turn uni knot has never slipped for me in a straight braid to hook deal. I use the leader in topwater applications for it's stiffness (keeps line from wrapping on trebles) and I can use a loop knot to the plug with mono.
    Heavy flipping and frogging , straight braid.
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